I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to your staff for their excellent customer service.  Everyone was professional, prompt, good listeners, friendly, well informed about your dental services and went the extra mile for me and my 80 year old Mom.  After having any dental procedure done it is great not having to drive.  Washington Dental Clinic arranged a safe and friendly pick up right to my house and back.  Your customer service was impeccable and absolutely the best.

It is rare in today’s society to get exceptional, dedicated workers, who are caring professionals and friendly.  I’m a new customer/patient and I already feel that Washington Dental administrators definitely implement great leaders which I believe is only lead by examples to their employees, such as your manager Robert Guerra; outstanding Doctors Benjamin & Alejandro Bucio; and administrators George Rodriguez, Rachel Perez, Heidi, and Eddie Sanchez, of dedication and motivation, attracting dedicated people who are motivated by the purpose behind the day-to-day tasks of their jobs.

Most importantly is the great care and dental work that was implemented by your doctors.  It’s clear that you believe in what you do can make a difference—I’m already smiling with the beautiful new upper bridge you made for me.  You can rest assured that I will always go to Washington Dental Clinic, and will pass it to my family and friends.

Your great customer service exceeded all levels I’ve ever known.

Warm Regards,
Anna Colbey

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WASHINGTON DENTAL CLINIC in Juarez Mexico .....is just a few blocks over the border. My Husband was told about this clinic last summer, and we have heard glowing reports on it from several people who have been there. We decided to check it out for ourselves. We live in Albuquerque New Mexico and drove to El Paso Texas where we stayed at the Howard Johnson Motel on Executive Center. We called the Dental Clinic on Weds AM December 14th, 2005 from the Motel and they came and picked us up and took us back. Most of our heavy dental work was done on Dec. 14th, 2005, with some follow-up the next day. 
I needed a new upper denture; six porcelain crowns on my bottom teeth; and a new partial metal lower denture. My bottom teeth were prepared for the crowns on Weds. and temporary crowns put in until Thursday afternoon when they put in my permanent 6 crowns. They also did my upper denture impressions the same day. On Thursday, I went back to get my upper dentures and 6 crowns. They took impressions for my lower denture at that time, which I picked up on Monday, December 19th, 2005. I did go back on Saturday afternoon the 17th to have my upper dentures adjusted just a bit better. They fit great now! 
I am very pleased with the work that they did! I paid $1600 American money on a credit card. I previously checked with several dentists in Albuquerque for estimates. One would have cost me approximately $9,000 or more. Another one about $6500. The cheapest I could find was $4350 at a low cost community dentist here. Up in Minnesota where we used to live, crowns cost between $800 - 1200 just for one ! Times that by six !! I originally had dentures put in 11 years ago, so this was my first new ones since 1994. And the crowns have been long long overdue! I am so happy that I now have my dental work done, and they look and feel great! 
By the way, the office is very very clean; the doctors and staff are absolutely terrific and very professional! They speak fluent English as well as their Spanish. I would highly recommend this dental clinic to anyone !! My Husband had ALL 28 of his teeth capped; He is now wearing temporary crowns and needs to return back in about two months to get the permanent ones put in. Because he had one tooth pulled they want to give him time to heal first. His procedure was a lot more difficult than mine, and a bit uncomfortable for a while. It was much more time consuming than he thought it would be. It wore him out for a few days, but he is recuperating, and he is glad he did it. His only regret is that he did not ask them how long it takes. He wishes he could have broken it up into two sessions instead of one. He didn't know in advance how long it would take. IF YOU THINK YOU MIGHT NEED EXTENSIVE WORK LIKE MY HUSBAND DID, ASK THEM FIRST HOW LONG IT TAKES. IF IT IS A BIG PROJECT, TRY TO BREAK IT UP INTO AT LEAST TWO SESSIONS IF YOU CAN. THAT WAS HIS ONLY MISTAKE. But he is still glad he got the work done. And they did a great job! 
NO MORE CAVITIES TO WORRY ABOUT FOR EITHER ONE OF US! He is 63 and I am 59. He paid $4,500 for his procedure, which in the US would translate into $15 - 32,000 or more !! 
This clinic does take American Insurance and has an excellent reputation in the US ! FOR TWENTY DOLLARS you can get a filling; a tooth extracted; or your teeth cleaned !! Porcelain Crowns are about $200 !! They have their own laboratory right on the premises. We talked with many people who were patients there and some have been there before. Eveyone we talked to had nothing but high praise for them ! And people were coming from all over the US! They don't advertise, and rely strictly on word of mouth! One couple drove down from Rapid City, South Dakota, who have been there before, and really liked it. 
OH, DID I MENTION THAT THEY HAVE A 2 YEAR FULL GUARANTEE ?? They give you a written guarantee certificate when you are done with your work. Know anyone else that does that ? 
DO NOT BE AFRAID TO GIVE IT A TRY if you need dental work done. WE NEVER had any problems whatsoever with anyone! 
WHEN YOU START YOUR DENTAL WORK: PLAN ON EXTRA TIME AND BE FLEXIBLE! Plan to stay in El Paso for at least 2 - 3 days or more, depending on what needs to be done. Most of the work can be done within a day or two, but you always want to allow extra time in case of delays, or unexpected things. Lab work takes extra time, so be patient. 
Its best to try and arrive the first part of the week to allow any lab work to get done before the weekend. THEY OPERATE ON A FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE BASIS. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY. 
We started on a Weds, and most of it was done on Thursday, but part of my lab work wasn't ready until the following Monday, so we had to stay at the motel longer because of that. Just be flexible. 
The Dental Van picks you up at your Motel in El Paso, and drops you off again. You are entirely safe the whole time! Just make sure you have proper ID with you because on the return trip back to your Motel, you will have to get out of the van to go through US Customs, which is quick and easy. They just want to know if you are an American Citizen, and you need to show your ID. If you are from Canada, or another Country, be sure to let US Customs know. They will ask if you made any purchases while there. DOUBTFUL, because you don't have time to shop anyplace. Very simple. Get back in van, go back to motel and relax! EASY AS PIE ! We just got back home on December 20th, now I gotta finish getting ready for Christmas! 
UPDATE: On February 23rd, 2006, my Husband finally got his new permanent crowns in, and he is really happy with them! They really look nice ! Now he has a HOLLYWOOD Smile! Now I'm busy chasing the ladies away from him! LOL ! 
Once you have your basic dental work done, if you need to go back just for a short time, you can park in the Parking Garage on Franklin and Oregon. Just give them a call once you get there, or the parking lot attendant will for you. The Dental clinic will validate your parking ticket. That's assuming you don't need to stay over nite. 
WE ARE VERY VERY satisfied customers! Give them a call, you might be glad you did. 
CALL WASHINGTON DENTAL CLINIC 1-800-538-6492 OR 1-800-813-7862

Carmen and Larry Ziegler

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My Wife and I recently visited your clinic, as we have done many times over the years.

We have always been impressed with your administrative staff.  On our last two visits, we have been overly impressed with Mr. Jorge A. Garcia.  He is a very friendly and personable individual.  He gave us very great assistance and we think our waiting time was reduced by his professionalism.

We look forward to our next visit when we need dental assistance.

Please forward this letter on to him.

Most Sincerely,
Herman and Mary Grace Wallace

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I'm so pleased with my "new" teeth!  You did a terrific job.

Michele Koetter

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Thank you all very much.  It wasn’t bad at all.  You all are very kind & gentle.

Please tell the Dr. Thank you.  He did a great job…very little pain.

Thank you again.

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To all the personnel of Washington Dental Clinic:

You are so well trained, picked, and informed as well as raised right.  I don’t know how many people tell you but I have to let you know how well I have been treated.  Everyone has gone out of their way to be nice and courteous and polite.  Everyone looks so nice and treats you so special.  It’s a pleasure to have done business with you.  God Bless you all and keep you in his care.

Norma Holland and Joe Helm

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Dear Dr. Medina & Staff:

Just a short note to tel you "Thank You" for my new smile!
My Teeth are beautiful and I love showing them off!
All of you are awesome!

Lori Morgan

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Thank you Dr. Medina, Sonja, & Mr. Guerra & the staff at Washington Dental Clinic for doing a great job on my teeth.  I have wanted to have my teeth fixed for a log time but could not afford it.

God Bless You.

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The following was taken from a News Paper Clipping

In Ciudad Juarez, Gabriel heaps praise on the Washington Dental Clinic.  A staff member there will reportedly pick you up at your El Paso motel and whisk you over the border and then take you back across when the treatment is done.

The prices at Washington are $200 for porcelain crowns, $20 for a filling, extraction or cleaning.  One patient, says Gabriel, had six porcelain crowns, a new upper denture and a new partial lower denture, all for $1,600.  The author estimates the cost of the same work in the United States could range from $4,300 to $9,000.

Gabriel:  Self-Published Dental Guide

By Toby Smith
Journal Staff Writer
Mature Life in New Mexico

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The following was sent to us as a courtesy:

To El Paso, TX to Juarez, Mexico
To Washington Dental Clinic.

Take freeway to El Paso I-10
Exit #19 to Downtown El Paso on the frontage Rd.
Pass three (3) stop lights to Oregon St.
Turn Right on Oregon.  It is a one way street.
Go three (3) blocks to a four (4) story white parking building (A high rise parking)
It is on the right side of the road.
Turn into driveway and stop and leave car and keys.  Attendant will take care of car.
All day parking is $3.  But you do not pay this time.  Instead you say, “I’m going to the Washington dental Clinic..”
They will give you a parking ticket which you will get validated at the clinic.
The Clinic Bus/Van runs every 15-30 minutes and will take you to the front door of the clinic.
Someone at desk will speak English.
Fill out a card for patient registration  Name, address, etc.
Tell the English translator exactly what you want them to do to your teeth.  In detail.
She will write it down and then someone will take you to a dentist who will repair your mouth.
The dentist who works on you may not speak your language therefore it is important that you tell the translator exactly what you wish done.
You will have your own personal translator who will take you where ever you are to go and stay with you until you leave the clinic.  He will return you to the desk and see that you board the van/bus which will take you back across the border and to your car.

No appointment necessary.  First come, first served.  Clinic opens at 8:00am
Pay in cash or credit card.

Information:  Courtesy of Lydia Boensch and Candice Haddock

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Another Happy Patient !

Thank you very much,
Valeri McElligott

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